Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Home: Interior Details Part 1

I strongly believe a nice home plays a vital part on how we go about our lives and how we feel about the future. Our home is the place where we take refuge, rest, make good food and happy memories with our loved ones every single day. So it is just suiting that no matter how small or big your space is, you take effort to make it functional as well as nice.

My hobby has always been how to make my place look clean and nice. I guess it is safe to say I am a self-made interior designer who loves to do DIY interiors because I am always on a budget. I love everything dainty and pretty.

Building a nice home is not a one-time journey. It's not like you sit down, think what design or look you want and it's done! In my own experience, creating a nice home is a long journey that will reflect you and your family's personalities. Each item that makes up your space should also serve purpose and function to your family's needs.

Since having our own house, I've been glued to everything Scandinavian! Grey, black and white with occasional pop of color. I love how clean and functional Scandinavian designs are. And so without further fuss,  let me take you to a home tour of our current home highlighting interior details which are Scandinavian inspired. Enjoy!