Friday, November 6, 2015

Fruits On Our Table

I grew up eating fruits at home. My Papa and Mama made sure we have fruits day in and day out. It was normal back then for me and my siblings to be eating guava at 10 in the evening! We used to eat cocoa fruit picked from our backyard. I even go to see movies with a kilo of rambutan and lanzones as snacks. Ask hubby, he knows but thinks I'm weird. LOL

I planted two rambutan fruit trees in front and back of our yard last weekend but I guess I still have to wait for another five years to enjoy on its fruits! I love seeing fruits in the market. I love pictures of fruits! I am a proud fruit lover!

And so sharing you snapshots of fruits on my table.

I Hope you enjoy fruits (and photos of them) as much as I do!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hooked on Flesh

Hear me, O Lord
That I may understand
The plan You have for me
Against the plan I have for myself

Hear me, O Lord
Hear my pain
Hear my little voice
That's calling out to You

Hear me, O Lord
So You can change my heart
So You can heal my pain
So You can calm my tremble

Hear me, O Lord
Let me feel peace
After this stormy battle
Remind me that Your love is higher
Than any failure there is

For I feel more human today
Than any other days
Please heal me
Please hear me.