Friday, September 25, 2015

Ilonggos Rock!

Being an ilongga, it is quite normal that we have ilonggo dishes prepared weekly at home. My son doesn't eat pork or beef and when he eats chicken, he only eats fried chicken from main fastfood chains like KFC, Jollibee and McDonald's. His tastebuds sure are bisaya and ilonggo through and through and we are so proud of that! We may live in Cavite but our hearts truly remain in the Visayas!

Sharing you some photos of ilonggo dishes we normally eat at home or at relative's home.

The Famous Kinilaw! This was prepared by my Tita Haydee when we got to visit them for lunch one day in May. She used dilis in this recipe. Kinilaw is a dish every ilonggo is familiar with. It is composed of deboned fish (usually tanigue, nipis or dilis), minced ginger (many of them!), onions, chilies and sinamak! Sinamak is an ilonggo spiced vinegar btw.

This is one of my favorites! Sinigang na alimusan! Alimusan is a local fish found in rice ponds and it is very cheap! Ilonggos use batwan as a souring agent, a local sour fruit in Bacolod and Iloilo. This one is very easy to make. Use any fish like milkfish, tilapia or even hito. Bring water to boil with tomatoes, batwan and salt. Put in the fish until tender and mix in some banana's heart. Season to taste!

See these golden lobo-lobo disc yummies? My son loves it so much we cook it every week at home! Just mix dulong with an egg and a little cornstarch, then fry small disc portions and voila! Be careful not to put salt though because dulong is already salty in itself.

Give it up for LASWA! The ultimate ilonggo nutrients-packed vegetable viand soup! Gotta share with you a separate recipe post on this one. Yeah, laswa is that special it needs a separate page on my blog. Watch out for it!

Home Cooked Meals on Weekends

How I love cooking for my family! Sharing all these gorgeous photos of my home cooked meals (summarized) on weekends where I find the time to do grandiose dishes in the kitchen!

Prepare to salivate......

I believe this was our Christmas lunch at home. Ham, corn, egg surprise.

Our lunch during the famous Pacquiao-Mayweather fight! Fight din kami sa kainan!

One lazy Saturday with buttered shrimp and corn.

My birthday lunch! Baked spaghetti with garden salad and vinaigrette.

Since siblings were in the house, pizza making was timely!

Freedom the ultimate sabad!

Was happy with the new Imarflex oven hubby bought, I had my first try on this mac-n-cheese!

Dahil diet-dietan ako these days, I had these clean, egg white, romaine lettuce, cucumber with vinaigrette salad for breakfast!

Home is really where meals are great! Happy eating!

Bento Box Ideas For Toddlers

Hi mommies! This year marks a major milestone for me as a mommy as we have enrolled Freedom to daycare classes. At 3, he was so happy to go to school already and we are so amazed with all the things he learned from there. His eyes would lit up every time he shares stories on what happened in school every afternoon, and me and his Tatay always check out his star marks given by his teacher.

To tell you honestly, I was a bit worried at first that he couldn't adjust well due to his young age. But I guess my son is just a social person. I sure know where he got that!

When we talk about school, baon ideas come in mind second! This is a bit challenging to every mother out there and so I wanna share with you all the bento boxes I prepared for Freedom to bring to school. I prepare them just before I leave for work -- at 2AM!


grapes, cheese sandwich bars, boiled egg

Boiled corn, green grapes, crackers and cheese bar

Freedom's fave corn, egg whites, red apple slice

Hansel Premium cheese crackers, boiled corn, scrambled egg, Spam

Corn, mocha muffin and sliced mangoes

Grapes, peanut kisses, Hansel Premium cheese crackers and Dutch Mill yogurt drink

I promise you I'll share more bento box ideas soon!