Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Thousand Peso Dress!

If you haven't read my post about my Php1,700 wedding dress yet, read here. As practical as we want to be, we girls still want to be beautiful on our wedding day. Who doesn't? It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment! It's a dream come true for us, women.

As a simple yet hopeless romantic bride, small budget limited me when I was still planning our wedding. But no one can ever stop me of looking my best on my wedding day! Darn, no!

You might be surprised how we pulled off our wedding if you just knew how much our budget was at that time. I am just proud to share to you though that I have worn two dresses on my wedding day! One for the ceremony, second for the reception. Here it is!

Did you ever think this was just a thousand-peso dress? Nope?

Yes, girls. This dress only costs Php1,000!

And I have been waiting for a suitable event (not a wedding!) to wear this dress again! I might annoy a bride friend and I don't want to do that. I was also a bride before so I know!

To achieve your goal in events like a wedding on a tight budget, you'll need a balanced equation. Resourcefulness + creativity = success!

This is where your creativity and personal style come in. I designed my reception dress just like what I did with my wedding dress. Then, I scoured Divisoria for the most bargained piece of white, dreamy cloth to make out of it. I found this ethereal cloth at a Divisoria banketa for only 280 pesos! I think this was running 9 yards. Together with the tulle that I bought for my wedding dress, I ran off to my very good friend, Edel, who has a trusted dressmaker in Bulacan and laid out my designs. Edel is now a successful wedding and events coordinator, btw. I only paid Php700 for each dress for labor. Voila!

I don't feel unfortunate at all to have a tight budget in anything that I do. I learned a LOT of things through these experiences as I grow as a person, a wife, a daughter, a mother. I am very proud of my humble beginnings and I am so thankful to my parents that they raised me as an an excellent strategist in living this wonderful but challenging life.

I feel an awesome lot of self-satisfaction that I pulled off a very nice yet romantic wedding, a humble, happy first birthday for Freedom, an elegant DIY'd set of curtains and sheets and so on and on and on. I can't even wait to blog about how I came about my civil wedding dress that I hand sewn! Watch out for it!

I feel like a warrior, a goddess, a hero in my own right. I know I am doing well in my life as I see it going better each and every day. As my husband always wittingly say, "We make poverty look cool!" LOL

We are able to persevere only because God works within us, within our free wills. And because God is at work in us, we are certain to persevere. The decrees of God concerning election are immutable. They do not change, because He does not change. All whom He justifies He glorifies. None of the elect has ever been lost. - R.C Sproul

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