Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ilonggo's Beef Nilaga/Kansi

Ilonggos are famous for their many savory dishes. Chicken inasal, batchoy, kansi, molo and a lot more. This time, let's focus on their famous beef nila-ga or popularly known as kansi.

In our 12-year relationship, I was surprised to have found out that my husband hasn't tried this dish yet! I went on panic mode and decided to cook this dish for him today! How could he -- a husband of an ilongga -- not try this famous ilonggo dish? Oh my!

Here's the recipe!

You'll need half kilo of beef. It's better if you include beef bones like femur with all its marrow goodness. But plain beef meat will also do.

You'll also need a teaspoon of achuete extract, a handful of red string beans (lamigas in ilonggo), lemon grass, siling mahaba (siling pang sigang) and batwan! Now, you can't find batwan here in Manila. I've scoured all huge markets here and I couldn't find a trace of batwan in the city. You can use sampalok instead.

This is batwan! Ilonggo's famous pampaasim (souring agent)

Lastly, you'll need sliced langka (unripe jackfruit).

Here's how:

Bring beef, lamigas, lemongrass to boil till the beef is tender. Add achuete extract, your choice of souring agent, langka and season to taste. Add long chili a minute before you serve. Best served hot! This recipe is very easy to do!

 Presenting! The hot hot hot beef kansi! Try it, mommies!

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  1. Thank you for this!!!! I'm Maia from Alaska, originally from Sta. Barbara Iloilo. Trying to feed my fiance from Cavite Ilonggo food!!!