Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Challenges Of Entertaining Your Toddler On Rainy Days

Moms like me know it really is hard entertaining a toddler on a rainy day. So what about on a rainy week? This is one challenge my husband and I are facing this rainy season.

While stuck inside the house, watching TV is inevitable. My son loves Disney Junior especially Hi 5 but would die for TV commercials. He cries when commercials are over. He's so funny when he does this. So we resort to watching TV commercials and Hi 5 songs on YouTubeRepeater. But you won't expect my kid glued on TV or videos all day. So we also try playing with him with all the toys on the floor. This saved us an hour or two.

And when all resources are exhausted, I turn to learning and was surprised at his speech and comprehension level! My son is only 18 months. Another hour or two well spent!

Don't get me wrong. I don't wish for a genius child.I just want a street smart kid.

Here's hoping for a ray of sunshine tomorrow and the days ahead.

Don't forget to at least donate to victims of typhoon Maring. Little things will matter. We got to share love and compassion. Prayers are powerful too.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Apple of My Eyes: How To Get Your Toddler Eat Fruits

My son loves apples.

We sure buy him at least two apples when we're going to the mall and spend the day.

An apple saves Mommy and Tatay from tantrums.

He is well entertained as long as he got apples in his hands.

He doesn't even want to share! Bad.

Apple has many benefits. One of them is that my son stays in his stroller as long as he's got an apple! This saves Mommy and Tatay from running after him when he goes astray and enters every store in the mall!

A friend asked me one time, how do I get my son to eat fruits? My technique was to always store fruits in the house. Offer your toddler fruits EVERY time. Offer fruits even though they refuse many times. In time, they'll get accustomed to eating them.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ilonggo's Beef Nilaga/Kansi

Ilonggos are famous for their many savory dishes. Chicken inasal, batchoy, kansi, molo and a lot more. This time, let's focus on their famous beef nila-ga or popularly known as kansi.

In our 12-year relationship, I was surprised to have found out that my husband hasn't tried this dish yet! I went on panic mode and decided to cook this dish for him today! How could he -- a husband of an ilongga -- not try this famous ilonggo dish? Oh my!

Here's the recipe!

You'll need half kilo of beef. It's better if you include beef bones like femur with all its marrow goodness. But plain beef meat will also do.

You'll also need a teaspoon of achuete extract, a handful of red string beans (lamigas in ilonggo), lemon grass, siling mahaba (siling pang sigang) and batwan! Now, you can't find batwan here in Manila. I've scoured all huge markets here and I couldn't find a trace of batwan in the city. You can use sampalok instead.

This is batwan! Ilonggo's famous pampaasim (souring agent)

Lastly, you'll need sliced langka (unripe jackfruit).

Here's how:

Bring beef, lamigas, lemongrass to boil till the beef is tender. Add achuete extract, your choice of souring agent, langka and season to taste. Add long chili a minute before you serve. Best served hot! This recipe is very easy to do!

 Presenting! The hot hot hot beef kansi! Try it, mommies!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Dearest Kate,

I miss you now like how I've missed you when we were gone home for the college summer vacation.
I miss you now like how I've missed talking to you before we fall asleep.
I miss you now like how I've missed walking with you in the fields of UP Miag-ao.
I miss you now like how I've missed hearing your words of advice with your most angelic voice.
I miss you now like how I've missed laughing at your corny jokes.
I miss you now like how I've missed clapping my hands at your awkward dance steps.
I even miss you now like how I've missed fighting with you over non-sense stuff.
I miss you now like I've never missed you before.
And I wonder how wonderful my life would be if I can still see and hug you. Not like it was any less wonderful at all since you were in it! My life has been one wonderful one 'cause I met a wonderful you in my one lifetime.
I miss you, Kate.
In times like these that I miss you more. I miss hearing these words from you:
EXPECT the worst.
HOPE for the best.
TAKE what comes.

Our friendship knows no boundaries. It knows no death. It knows no rules. It knows no judgement. It knows no requirement. It knows no time. It only is pure and kind. Thank you so much for this gift. See you again, Kate. I love you.

That's my beautiful sister, Kate! She was a UP Economics cum laude. I lost my bestfriend to leukemia at the age of 20. She fought a very good battle and she continues to live in the hearts of those whose lives were touched by her. What she has done for those around her will forever be eternal. And what she has done for me is immortal.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things Will Be Better

My life is one rollercoaster. Been MIA for the past weeks 'cause I've been going through a LOT. But I know things will be better. Almost every aspect of  my life now is problematic: Family, friendship, career. Even our soon-to-be home is problematic. I don't know why this happened but things just blew out of proportion. Maybe I'm super short of grace. Oh dear God, help my poor soul. I'm lifting everything up to you. Bahala na kayo.

I'm still thankful because I have my husband by my side who is super positive that I can stand up and fight again. Thanks, mahal. You don't know how much I appreciate you. I'm also thankful for my mom. She's been the wind beneath my wings. Finally, I'm super thankful for this face.

If not for this face, I would have given everything up. Thanks my son. You are my power! Mommy and Tatay love you to bits.