Monday, February 10, 2014

Freedom is 2!

Dearest Son,

Happy Birthday, my little guy! You just turned 2 and nights from your birthday, I switched your lullaby song from "Torete" to "Happy Birthday" medley just because you requested for it. You are so funny that even when your eyes are closed, drifting away to sleep with Mommy's lullaby, you still manage to request what song Mommy would sing for you! Pretty hilarious!

It has been a great journey with you, Anak. The joy you constantly give me and your Tatay is just amazing! Today, we celebrated your birthday with a simple lunch in our small neighborhood. You woke up to Mommy and Tatay singing "Happy Birthday" to you. You can't barely open your eyes then but you were smiling and giggling! 

We started our day at 7am running errands, had some breakfast, took a shower, went to buy your cake, and decorated to make your day more special. Tatay cooked spaghetti for you. Tito RR, Nana and Tita Remy grilled liempo and tilapia, cooked shanghai rolls and pancit bihon which you loved! You jumped, hopped, played basketball and pretended to be Dagohoy in between! But the highlight of it all was you blowing your candles until they're at their shortest! Haha!

 These are all Mommy's DIY!

Celebrating your birthday robot style!

Rocking your shaved head on your big day!

Dagohoy on his favorite Minion shirt.

Your Tatay kept on convincing you to blow the candles for the LAST time but you still insisted "more" and since it's your birthday, he let you blow them  like a hundred times! Haha!

This day was so much fun and we are so glad you enjoyed it! 

My Freedom rocks!!!!!


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