Thursday, January 8, 2015

We've Finally Moved In!

I'm so excited to share that we've finally moved into our own house! The move-in preparation part was quite a stressful but if it's your own house, everything is worth it.

Since my laptop went on blank screen due to accidental loosen plug last holiday, I wasn't able to blog about my house interiors while on Christmas vacation.

Now, I wanna share a very early peek to our small, humble abode. I wanted to get some helpful tips on moving into new houses so I read a lot of house blogs at first. One thing I learned is that you start with big furnitures.

The dining area.

I so wanted a barn table ever since the world began! I love how it gives a homey touch. I had this wooden table's height costumized so Freedom can properly use our dining table while eating. The white chairs were ordered from a supplier. The design is named Tulip.

Since we have a small space, we opted to have this elegant faux leather sofa that can be turned into a double sized bed ordered from a furniture supplier in Marikina We carefully decided for this faux leather sofa because having a toddler in the house, a lot can be spat, spilt, thrown on the couch. Gray throws and throw pillow cases are from Landmark.

 The happy duo!

Another corner of the house which I will surely change! LOL

We opted for a Japanese style bed for now since my son moves a lot when sleeping. I am so happy about our queen sized bed from Uratex. Got the white bed sheets and comforter from Akemi brand, gray throw pillow from H&M, gray throw blanket and a replica stool by Henry Massonnet from Landmark, graphic curtains are from ARQ.

Freedom's love of the outdoors is heightened in our new home. He plays with the remaining sand in our garden morning noon and afternoon!

Sunsets here are the best. Mother and son duo in the hood.

Our outside kitchen is a work in progress. The space is just enough for us for now but we still plan to expand on the side, build a second floor to have more space. I'm also uber excited about our garden area!

We are just starting really small and we are happy about it.  I am so looking forward to work on DIY and personal touches to other corners of our lovely home so stay tuned!

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