Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Apple of My Eyes: How To Get Your Toddler Eat Fruits

My son loves apples.

We sure buy him at least two apples when we're going to the mall and spend the day.

An apple saves Mommy and Tatay from tantrums.

He is well entertained as long as he got apples in his hands.

He doesn't even want to share! Bad.

Apple has many benefits. One of them is that my son stays in his stroller as long as he's got an apple! This saves Mommy and Tatay from running after him when he goes astray and enters every store in the mall!

A friend asked me one time, how do I get my son to eat fruits? My technique was to always store fruits in the house. Offer your toddler fruits EVERY time. Offer fruits even though they refuse many times. In time, they'll get accustomed to eating them.


  1. Cute! Apples are superfoods, so I am glad he likes them. Try putting peanut butter on them for a protein boost!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Martine! He loves oranges too. I'll try peanut butter soon.

  2. Thanks for the tip lers! I'll try this with carlos and give u a feedback afterwards,:)

    1. Hope he'll eat apples and other fruits now, Recs :)