Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogging Is My Therapy

The story behind why I started a blog was because I needed a therapy -- mind therapy. As a new mom, I've had my fair share of challenges like all others I suppose. I was literally going insane. One of them was my difficulty to maintain meaningful friendship. Put it simply -- I had no one to talk to. I am a very talkative person. I love to talk and to share. It came to a point where I had no one to share my musings about motherhood, how my son loved what I cooked for him, how cute he was while taking a bath and so on and so forth. And I'm not getting any satisfaction from mere posting on Facebook and Instagram about my every mommyhood milestone. And so I decided to blog.

A friend recently asked me. "Good thing you still find the time to write? I gave up writing even before I started."

So here are some ideas on finding time to write the IlonggaMommy way.

Let your heart do the talking. Very simple but most effective. You write only by heart. Your heart only knows you. What you feel at the moment is what you are. It doesn't matter what you talk or write about. As long as you write by heart, you'll never get wrong. Ten meaningful posts are way better than a thousand insincere posts.

I don't believe in getting out of your way to find something to write. Choose topics based on your own experience. Choose one that really matters to you that week or that day. You need not look elsewhere. What to write is always in front of you. This will save you time.

If I don't find the time to start something to write, I daydream about what to write. It's like a meditation for me. It can be while I'm lying in bed beside my kid putting him to sleep. It can be while I'm cooking. It can be while I'm taking a shower. List them in your mind and put them in writing on your downtime. Believe me. Daydreaming is very powerful. Meditate.

A picture paints a thousand words. This is very true. I make it a habit to take as many photos as I can. I take photos of my baby in whatever activity he's in. I take photos of whatever I prepare every day. I take photos of anything that interests me. From these photos, you can create a topic that's very sincere and very personal. Share them away with a sprinkling of your magical words.

Blogging is a journey. It is a journey of your life. Live life like how the river flows. In short, just go with it! Live away from pressure and norms. Go with what you think is fun and is best. You don't have to set yourself a deadline. To live freely is to live meaningfully.

There are a lot of bloggers who are copycats. I must apologize for the word but this is true. Owning your brand will make you stand out. So go out there and show 'em what you really got. Show 'em the real you. Be real. Be your own.

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