Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My 16th Letter to Freedom

Dearest Son,

You'll be 21 months in a matter of days and you just continue to amaze us. First, your Tatay and I are very happy that God healed you as you haven't had any asthma attacks in the last 10 months. We thank God every day for that. Mommy and Tatay are faced with some big problems lately but we are starting to get through of those because you continue to inspire and strengthen us.

There is no bigger problem than God, Anak. That's what Mamita taught me. I hope I could be as good as a mom as your Mamita. Mommy always tells herself that whatever problem may come our way, as long as you are healthy and happy, I'm all good. Do you know that you just learned saying "I love you" to us? It is just awesome to hear you reply "I love you". I was so happy about it I tell you "I love you" a hundred times a day and you reply a hundred times back, it really melts my heart, Anak. Your Mamita just loves to hear you say "I Love You" over the phone.

I am also happy to report that you are already toilet trained! You are so cool! Even with nappies on, you keep on telling Mommy that you got to go. So cute! Another thing that really amazes us now is that whenever we ask you "Free, are you happy?" You always answer, "Happy!" I am so glad you are one happy kid. I'll make sure you'll have a happy and memorable childhood, my son. I promise you that.

Always remember, Mommy and Tatay are always here to make you happy. Can't wait till morning when I can hear you say "I Love You" to us again. Sleep tight my dearest. Mommy will be just by your side all throughout the night, saying a thankful prayer to God for He has given you to us.


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