Sunday, November 24, 2013

House Turnover. Finally!

When the developer informed us of the date of our house turnover, we felt a mix of emotions. We are happy, of course, that finally, all paper works are done and we can start moving in. On the other hand, we also feel a teeny weeny bit of loneliness leaving our old neighborhood with people all friendly and helpful. We hope we will have friendly neighbors here. We are also hoping there will be lots of kids in the neighborhood for Freedom to play with.

Freedom was more than happy to help mommy with signing!

The Mister with the house keys.

A giveaway from Amaia for good luck!

There are still a lot to do with the new house though. There is the home improvement, the works in the garden, the adjustment. But the Mister and I are so happy with what we've accomplished so far. We will plan them one day at a time. We will build our lives here one day at a time with our Freedom.

After the turnover, we had our lunch at The District Ayala Mall. This mall is the nearest to the subdivision and I can already gather this is where we will spend most of our free time as a family. There are a lot of nice places near our place to see and one of them is Tagaytay! 

Here comes makulit!

One happy kid ever! 

                                 It is more than apparent that he already feels at home!

Can't buy that smile!

Loving Tita Olive

I'd like to say a million thanks to my bestfriend of 14 years. Our beautiful, sexy official photographer from wedding day down to house turnover and on years to come. Thanks, Gang! We love you!

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