Friday, November 29, 2013

Why We Named Our Son Freedom

I take a lot of positive and surprise comments from people every time I share my son's name. There is a complex answer as to why we named our son Freedom.

I am as Free as I can be.

One of the more complex answers to this question is the real meaning of freedom itself. We wanted our son to be free from unnecessary burden of social norms when it comes to social status and beliefs.

We wanted him to love himself for who he really is and to go live feeling as free as possible without having to prove anything to others. We wanted to raise him feeling free mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Aside from the long explanation, I usually opt choosing the simplest one but even the simplest one comes out to be also complex! The simplest answer to this question -- it was from a song by Devendra Banhart titled "Freely". And then it is usually seconded by another question -- who is Devendra Banhart?

Devendra Banhart is a Venezuelan folk singer. I knew him way back when he was still dating Natalie Portman just because I so love everything about Natalie Portman! When I chanced upon his website where you can listen to his songs free, I was hooked! Hi song "Freely" is just so calming that I play it to de-stress day in and out. Listen and see it for yourself.

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