Monday, April 27, 2015

My Home: Interior Details Part 2

We've been living in our new home for almost three months and things are more in their right places.  Ahhhh...How I wished I could invest in a very nice camera to take gorgeous photos of my home. I've been addicted to taking interior and decor photos lately. But I think I'm still okay with what I have now and want to share with you more of my home's decor details. Enjoy!

 Our outdoor space. I plan to have breakfast or brunch meals here soon. I've been meaning to create my own summer themed table setting!

My mom gave me this hexagon chair that I made as a nesting table in the living room. I got 5 of these together with the hexagon table in our outdoor area.

I am so in love with this tamtam stool.

I like to mix things up from time to time, moving things around the house. This eternity plant does wonders in my home. They look so fresh and clean and so easy to maintain! This gorgeous zebra wall decal is from ebay.

 Painted my beloved ampersand white. 

I never regretted to have a chalkboard wall section in my dining area!

Dining area from another angle. Don't you love my ARQ graphic designed curtains? Gotta color those HOME letters white soon.


  1. That chalkboard wall section is genius! Makes the space so flexible when it comes to redecorating with new quotes, or for parties, etc. :-)

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