Friday, September 25, 2015

Bento Box Ideas For Toddlers

Hi mommies! This year marks a major milestone for me as a mommy as we have enrolled Freedom to daycare classes. At 3, he was so happy to go to school already and we are so amazed with all the things he learned from there. His eyes would lit up every time he shares stories on what happened in school every afternoon, and me and his Tatay always check out his star marks given by his teacher.

To tell you honestly, I was a bit worried at first that he couldn't adjust well due to his young age. But I guess my son is just a social person. I sure know where he got that!

When we talk about school, baon ideas come in mind second! This is a bit challenging to every mother out there and so I wanna share with you all the bento boxes I prepared for Freedom to bring to school. I prepare them just before I leave for work -- at 2AM!


grapes, cheese sandwich bars, boiled egg

Boiled corn, green grapes, crackers and cheese bar

Freedom's fave corn, egg whites, red apple slice

Hansel Premium cheese crackers, boiled corn, scrambled egg, Spam

Corn, mocha muffin and sliced mangoes

Grapes, peanut kisses, Hansel Premium cheese crackers and Dutch Mill yogurt drink

I promise you I'll share more bento box ideas soon!

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