Friday, October 9, 2015

How To Get Your Kid Eat Fruits

One of the challenges that moms face is how to get kids eat as healthy as possible. I don't want to say that I am very strict with what my son eats. I give my son sweets and junk food from time to time so I am guilty as charged.

For me, it's all about balance though. As long as they eat healthy foods regularly, and I mean on a daily basis, sweets and junk are okay occasionally. I am not that SUPER MOM who manipulates everything that gets to my child's mouth. After all, I am a full-time working mom and I don't get to see what my son's classmates offer him at school. I also do not want to judge moms who micromanage what their kids eat. Wow, I wish I can do that! Kudos to them.I salute moms who can give their children good food 100%.

For those moms who are having a hard time getting their kids eat fruits, I've said this a million times before. If you want to get your kid eat fruits or veges, always have them on your table, DAILY. Be an example and eat fruits and veges too! Offer them to your child on a daily basis even though they try their very cute best not to eat them. Make fun shapes out of it. Slice and plate them in any form appealing to toddlers. Normally, toddlers tend to have favorites also. They may not like apples, but you'll be surprised that they like mangoes so much.

I am proud to say I am successful on this challenge. Freedom loves fruits as much as I do, so check na check on Ilonggamommy! Yay!

Sharing you photos on how Freedom loves fruits, and corn!

 A good bowl of grapes!

Mangoes on the side please.

Pear slices keep boredom away.

Apple slices.

Oh, corn.

Apple inside a fastfood resto!

Oh, there you corn again!

Apple smile!


Orange smile!

Don't forget to add the fun factor!

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