Thursday, October 1, 2015

Living The Dream

Am I really living my dream? I'd say YES. Well I guess my dream is not at par with everyone else's typical dream. A 1000-sqm lot? A 5-car garage parking? A 8-bedroom house? After all, happiness and contentment are still subjective perspectives. You only know what makes you happy. I guess it still doesn't matter where you live but how you live. And I strongly believe that everything we do in life is all because of our choices. And our choices in the past can do a tremendous domino effect in our future.

I am a simple woman with a simple dream. If you have asked me 15 years ago though, I would have answered differently. But as I mature as a woman, wife and a mother, I decided I wanted to live happily and simply. I don't need a big house with a pool if I can't afford it. Why stress what you can't have, right? I'm hoping to own a car or two. A complete, functional small kitchen will also do for me because I love cooking! But oh I am super blessed. God has blessed me in so many ways my human mind and heart could ever imagine.

I learned that to live simply, you have to minimize stress in your life and focus on what really matters. It's not bad as well to aim high but sometimes, doing what you just love will bring you to heights while not stressing it. And oh, being calm and gentle in approaching life and its challenges will help you a lot.

To best describe how I live out my dream today, I'd put it in four words: Simple, fresh, spacious and clean.

They say pictures can paint a thousand words and so I am sharing with you the version of how I simply live out my dream. This is my dream. To live in a place where I hear dozens of birds chirping morning and afternoon. Where I see dragonflies and colorful butterflies in the garden. Where I can smell and breathe fresh breeze of air. Where I see 360 degrees of blue skies. Where my son can enjoy outdoor play. Where I can plant organic vegetables to cook. Where I can have morning coffee in the garden. Where I can see sunsets in full view. Where I can be near nature.

Psalm 37:3-4
Trust in the LORD and do good. Dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Amazing skyline!

Morning coffee here? No problemo!

Afternoon walk with this cutie.

Learning about butterflies.

The blue butterfly.

The yellow butterfly.

I can imagine inviting friends and chill out here.

I can imagine my son playing ball here in the coming days.

I can imagine to get sunkissed here in the summer!

How I love this duo.

Dining al fresco anyone?

My humble organic garden.

Giving the kid some responsibility.

I jumped in joy when I first harvested these.

And stoked to harvest a bowl of okra from these babies.

Cooling off the old school style.

Having some normal childhood.

The moment you have your first remote controlled car on a Christmas morning.

Ah yes. I am living my dream.

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