Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Freedom Turns Four

Dearest Son,

Two days ago marked your fourth birthday! Your special day began with you waking up to Mommy and Tatay singing a "happy birthday" song. You were all smiles! You knew this day would be so great. We made sure your day would be something really special!

At your fantastic age of four, you get to help Mommy sprinkled some colored chocolate discs to your chocolate birthday cake for some added color!

Mommy drew the small robot, the car and the shark. Tatay took care of Ironman drawing, helicopter and three balloons. We all laughed when Tatay tried to draw that helicopter because it was at first a plane and you said, it doesn't even look like an airplane! So Tatay insisted he's better at drawing helicopter. Well, you said helicopter would do. LOL

That killer smile, Anak! 
Before we went to your school to celebrate a Jollibee party, we let you blow your birthday candle first.

Your schoolmates were so happy to sing you a birthday song after we played some games.

Tatay and I are so happy you enjoyed this day. Every single day, we pray that you grow as a God-loving person. I always pray that God sends His angels to protect you. I want more days and years with you, Anak. Mommy loves you to the moon and back.


  1. I remember when he was just a few hrs old and I was too scared to hold him in my arms..

    1. Yeah, time flies mahal noh? We are so lucky he's grown just fine.