Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Freedom's DIY Shirts

I'm a practical mom and I'm crazy about DIY. If only I have all the time in the world, I'll DIY almost all things we use at home. See my post about my DIY curtains and sheets. If I have a nailgun, I would've done a lot of tables and chairs already! LOL

In this post, I wanna share all the DIY shirts that I made for Freedom. Because my son is so active, I prefer putting him on cool shirts when we go out while he runs here and there. I usually make them in batches. I buy comfortable plain white and colored shirts and hand sew characters on them using old cloth I find at home.

Mustache shirt. Funny and cool.

The necktie shirt. Simply awesome.

Rocking and rolling on this guitar shirt.

He loves everything about robots and so I made this robot shirt.

My son dances to all Hi5 songs. Here chilling and relaxing on his Hi5 shirt.

I get my inspiration from the things he loves -- robots, ball, Hi5, etc. As a practical mom, making these DIY shirts is cheap without suffering comfort and style.


  1. Love that Hi5 shirt. It reminds me of the tv show my 15 years old niece loved to watch when she was 3 years old.:)

  2. Hi again! Yes, my son also loves them especially the older batches of Hi5 artists.