Friday, October 10, 2014

Mommy Friends

Okay. IlonggaMommy is back and bursting with more stories to tell! I don't want to stay long giving reasons what took me awhile to write again. I just want to give you more glimpses on how IlonggaMommy is coping with this wonderful journey of motherhood, oh yeah! (Vector of Despicable Me tone!)

I am just so glad I have my closest friends who are also mommies. If I'm counting them correctly, I have 11 closest friends who are mommies too! Take note, we have kids who are almost of the same age (under 3). Let me introduce them one by one. I'm sure photos will do.

 Tin Dar, Pym, Me

These two are my college friends. I spent more time with them during college years than my family, so I also consider them like family. We got pregnant almost the same year, gave birth the same year. We spent nights talking about boys while watching movies, eating crackers and pancit canton. When we see each other, we talk about child milestones, schools, milk and toys!

Camille, Shalom, Meco, Me

These three hot mommas are my friends from UOS family. (Mei & Leslie are MIA!) UOS (Union of Sound) is a brotherhood of musicians who are organizing and promoting gigs around the metro. My husband is a member and so their husbands are members. Before dealing with diapers and milk bottles, we loved hanging out with boys with long hair, tattoos, sex-appealing vocal chords, guitars, drums and bass in gigs. I just can't figure out until now why they got us pregnant all at once! LOL!

Mitch, Claire, Me, Natania

These beautiful and brainy girls are my college blockmates. Joy is just missing in action here but she's also had her own bundle of joy just this year. Before playtime, tantrums and kisses, we spent many nights on field studies, researches, exams and OJTs.

How blessed am I? Very. There are days when I just want to dip my head to a drum full of water but one of them saves my sanity! Perks are endless! You get to share every experience you have and feel you're not alone! You ask each other what to do when kids are sick, you support each other's success and failures as a mom. You even share marriage stuff. Another good thing is, since you've been friends before becoming mommies, the bond and stories you tell each other are all relatable!

I'm just so happy to have them. They're all just a message away, thanks to Facebook! I hope our kids will grow up as close friends too.

 Did I say I am very, very blessed? Because I wanna highlight these two women who are just a big part of ME! My mom and my bestfriend.

 Freedom spoilt by Mamita! Thanks, Ma, for always being there while I'm in this wonderful, tasking motherhood journey.

My long-legged, sexy, beautiful bestfriend. She showers my son with so much love and so I am just simply thankful for that. I value the friendship we have -- that even extends way beyond I imagined. I love you, gang.

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