Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My 17th Letter To Freedom

Dearest Son,

Mom just thought of writing you again to let you know all the best things you continue to give me and your Tatay.

In less than 4 months, you'll be 3! I can't believe you'll be a full grown kid by then. We can't wait to throw another birthday party for you. We can't wait to let you blow candles a hundred times again.

I'm starting to fear you're growing up so fast though. You now know how to say sorry, tell a joke, give the sweetest kisses and hugs, even trick us to things so you can go on doing mischief acts! LOL

The fun but hard part now though is that you are now very aware of things and time. Like how you cry when you wake up without Mom and Tatay in sight. Like how you say you want to go to Timezone or to the park. Like how you wait for us after our work's shifts. Like how you ask for your pasalubong every time we come home. Like how you say Mom can't go to the kitchen to cook. You'd always want both me and Tatay to be inside the room with you, how so adorable are you? You can now even remember events and places!

Nothing's changed, Anak. You are still the apple of our eyes. The best thing now is you are already a little person that interacts fully with us and we enjoy this so much! You give us laughs no one can. You are a funny, smart kid. I remember last weekend, you want Mommy to close her eyes so you can play cooking with your milk bottles which Mommy says you can't! You pretend you cook something in a bowl, you use your milk bottles as salt or pepper and you toss the bowl like a chef! Oh, the clever things you see in Tatay while he's cooking!

 Can you see how you lean your head on the table, attentively watching Tatay draw?

Or your cute attempt at drawing!

You are one happy kid!

I must say, you are such a character! You are cute, stubborn, even unyielding but a smart, sweet, loving little boy. I want more of these musings as you grow each day.

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