Friday, July 12, 2013

Curse-Your-Diet Hazelnut Banana Pancakes

I’m a fan of Famous Belgian Waffles ever since I discovered the heavenly taste of their golden waffles. But I crave for it far too many times more than I expected. And as a mom, I have no time getting the waffle fix I needed when I need it.

I don’t consider waffles and pancakes as breakfasts. I will most of the time have them as an afternoon snack. I even consider them as desserts. Crazy but that’s me. And so, in my quest of giving in to my recent cravings, I concocted a familar-to-most recipe. Pancakes with bananas and hazelnut.

Mix pancake/waffle mix with a cup of buttermilk, an egg and a knob of butter.

I first wanted to make pancakes from scratch but after realizing that 500g ready mixes cost almost the same as 500g flour, heck do I have to beat myself up of making it from scratch?

I bought Fineti hazelnut spread for this one. Fineti tastes good and it's way affordable than other brands!

Pour batter in the pan, embed some bananas and gooey-chewy hazelnut. I’m crazy for butter so I also added some knobs to it. Toss and do the same drill for the remaining batter.

Stack ‘em up with banana slices and hazelnut spread like crazy. Tada! My version of hazelnut banana embedded pancakes in all its mouth-watering glory. Best served hot!

Warning: This is going to destroy your diet schemes so make sure to slow down though I know how hard it is to resist this decadent monster!


  1. Where did you buy your fineti?

    1. I bought mine at Landmark Makati. I believe you can find this at any major grocery stores.