Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Want A Norland Nanny

Warning: This is a nanny rant.

I wished I had one of these Norland nannies. You see, Norland nannies are those who are highly trained and are the best in the world. They serve the Royals and are considered some of the most expensive ones.

Well, I'm not a Royal so I can't hire one! But having yaya blues yet again, I wished I was one though.

I really don't know what to do anymore. Does this yaya problem ever end? It really doesn't matter how well you pay them or how well you treat them. It's more of a matter of luck. This is despite I have one for a relative.

My current yaya has been causing me to go absent from work, got me working more household chores than usual, even decided not to give her my son for over an hour anymore. All in a span of two months only. Why? Because one neighbor told me she just goes on texting and making calls while looking after my kid. How does she do that all at one time? And I ignored that one concern from one neighbor weeks ago.

I even have to put up with her incompetence when it comes to household chores 'cause I've got no choice. I got to work. Yesterday, she came back 10am when I firmly pointed out to her that I have somewhere else to go to at 830am. And a lot of neighbors have reported yesterday of how her eyes and fingers are glued on her phone while looking after my son putting one neighbor's observation to a sealed deal.

When she came back, I confronted her calmly. She denied these of course! She went on crying fits by this time. No matter how she denies these, I believe my neighbors have basis on telling me of her doings. They're only concerned about my son's welfare. I had to tell her if these are not true, then let's move on now but I have to stress to her once again the importance of coming in to work on time from a day off and the top most importance of making sure the safety of my son.

Since I feel so miserable right that I can say it sucks not to be a Royal that I have to keep her in the meantime till I can find a replacement for her. I'll let her do the majority of household work since I'm on night shift and I can look after my son majority of the day. That's what I've been doing actually. It just makes me feel sad and annoyed at the same time that I have to pay somebody for being incompetent.

I talked to her again today. I have to let her go. My priority is my son. I don't want to regret one day if ever something happens to my precious kid. In the first place, I am working my ass off for my child. I can make compromises at work. I can't put my son's safety to chances. I'm letting her go.

I got to have one of those Norland nannies!

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