Monday, July 8, 2013

Fish Tinola

Finally! My first Ilonggo dish! Every Ilonggo is very familiar with this dish. We usually cook this on mornings for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. I grew up having this at home.

This is the simplest Ilonggo dish you'll ever find and moi son loves this so much I cook this recipe almost twice weekly. He likes soupy food by the way.

You'll only need any fish you like, onions, tomatoes and malunggay. Very simple ingredients.

Have some water to boil and add tomatoes and onions. After 3 mins, you can add your fish and top it up with fresh malunggay. Salt and pepper to taste. This dish is best during rainy seasons.
This one's for my son. 

The moment he sees any fish dish, he goes "iiish, iissshhh" with a silent F. Even as I was posting this pictures, he points at the screen and goes "iiisshh, iiisssh" for fish!

Very easy and super healthy meal. Try it!

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