Monday, July 1, 2013

Hottest, Sexiest, Cheapest Quesadilla

I love cooking for my family. I love cooking for my friends. Cooking is one of my ultimate hobbies. Not that I have THAT many hobbies. Hehe!

This time, I want to share with you my own recipe of the hottest, sexiest, cheapest quesadilla you'll ever cook for your family. This recipe is super easy but is a total time bomb when it comes to taste!!!

HOT because it's literally hot with my sprinkling of fire-y, hot chili flakes.
SEXY not because it's low in calories but because it's Mexican and it's so sexy to eat!
CHEAP because 12 servings will only cost you less than 200php!

Okay. I know I named this section Ilonggo Dishes. I actually want to apologize that the first dish I thought of featuring here is not an Ilonggo dish. I promise I will the next time. It's just that I have a toddler right now and every time I try to take a photo of what I cook during lunch, he goes and grabs the cam and I end up taking his photo instead of the food! That's why I attached the word ATBP to this section. So that I have an excuse of including my other sumptuous, mouth-watering recipes as well.

You can serve at least 6 mouths with this ultimate Mexican merienda. Take note 'cause I'm making sure I stick with the theme of this blog. HAPPINESS with FRUGALITY. Boy there was so much happiness in the house when I made these for the Mister and Free.

You'll need:

-- 1 packet of small tortilla. A packet contains 12pcs. I bought mine for only 91php.
-- 1 big block of cheddar cheese. I bought Danes cheddar cheese for only 98php. I only used half of it so that's for only 49php.
-- 1 tetra pack of three-cheese pasta sauce. I used Clara Ole that only costs 25php.
-- a tablespoon of chili flakes. I already got some chili flakes in my kitchen and some ground pepper.

Spread the three-cheese pasta sauce on your tortilla together with some chili flakes and lots of grated cheese. Sprinkle some ground pepper to give a little bit of twang.

Fold this beautiful taste time bomb and grill it over medium heat.

Voila!!! The hottest, sexiest quesadilla with all its cheesy goodness. Yumyum!

The Mister and the rest of the household were so tummy happy! See? It's so easy and cheap to make your family happy. Now get off those feet and run to the nearest supermarket today and make your loved ones or yourself happy! I'll have to include this recipe on Free's 2nd birthday.


The Mister and I were entertaining Free cause he got a bit of fever today. We were trying to feed him with my home-made egg noodles with chicken liver soup and this is what happened:

Mommy: Here comes the airplane! CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG! (w/ mommy's hands in the air resembling the propeller and chug-chug sound with all her might)


Tatay: Ano ba yang airplane mo? Parang KARAG-KARAG. Ginamit pa yata yan sa World War II, sobrang luma na ang sound.

[Mommy smirking]

Free: Giggles and opens mouth.

Yes! Mission accomplished with the karag-karag airplane!

Happy days peeps!

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