Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waiting For Freedom

Since we just celebrated Father's Day last weekend, I want to turn the spotlight on to the Mister. I want to share to you something very special. This was written by my loving husband while I was inside the delivery room, pushing, screaming, grimacing, losing-all-composure, having-the-time-of-my-life, giving-my-all moment.

You see, the Mister is better than I am when it comes to writing. I've been nagging him about all the Post-it notes I keep on collecting that are scattered all over our room ever since the world began. I could have compiled them all and made a book out of it! Hmmm...That gave me an idea!

The hospital in Bacolod where I gave birth doesn't allow husbands inside the delivery room. It was a hard experience but we made it through. I gave birth to my lovely boy via normal delivery at 9:17pm on Feb. 8, 2012 after 5 hours of grueling labor pains.

Read on.

Waiting For Freedom

This is , by far, the longest afternoon I've ever experienced. 

Time drips away like a whale oil candle burning brightly through this stormy and restless skies, yet consuming every bit of each passing moment. These eggshell white and powder blue halls are teeming with movements that dissipate as quickly as they were made, anticipating one of these full motion figures would stop to provide me the well-deserved courtesy of a blow-by-blow coverage. What's going on behind these curtain covered rooms?  Is my wife and child doing alright? Is there anything I could buy or do to remind my loved ones that I am steadfast and expecting? 

A millions thoughts racing in my head, while a fear I have never felt before crawls underneath my skin. Helpless as I sit here, pounding my stress into this fragile machine. I wish this was just like them fistfights in school or the riots in a friend's university but nay, this will probably be one of the most decent moments of my life.

So here I am. Waiting for Freedom...

Finally! Our little bundle of joy - 2 hours old.

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