Monday, June 17, 2013

Kindermusik Kiddo

The Mister came from a family of musicians. His father was the King of Philippine Novelty Songs. His sister is also a singer and a performer. He is a rock star in his own right. He has managed to play in two bands until now. Music is his passion and he's happiest when he plays. He's great at song writing too, and I can still remember the days when he used to visit me at my dorm and serenade me. Yes, we are a modern couple but we went through the cheesy phase of hinarana ni Dodong si Inday.

It's crazy falling in love with a rock star. They're absolutely hot on stage. They think creatively different too. The Mister is a vocalist/guitarist/bassist. On the side, the Mrs can sing a few lullabies and that's it! So I'm just head over heels (bulag sa pag-ibig) when the Mister performs. What more would I feel when Free performs for the first time? The Mister promised me to teach Freedom how to play the guitar at age 3. I can't wait to see Free plays the guitar, singing "Butsekik"' and "Magellan".

We all know that music has a never-ending list of benefits in our lives. The Chinese philosopher Confucius said that “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

When it comes to music on babies, the benefits are endless! This is the very reason why at only 5 months, Freedom was already attending iVillage classes at Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie & Company at BGC, The Fort.

Here are some of the developmental benefits of musical learning according to Kindermusik:

Muscular Development:   It improves a child’s small motor skills, hand-eye coordination and over-all physical coordination.

Increased Listening Ability:  This helps to increase the attention span, concentration, and long and short term memory.

Increased Primary Mental Abilities: (verbal, perceptual, number, and spatial) This sharpens a child’s communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills. He or she learns to understand, interpret and use symbols in new contexts.

Creative Potential: This promotes awareness of student’s capabilities using imagination and self expression.

Development of Personal and Social Skills:  It can help to build confidence, self-discipline and responsibility.  Children learn to work for and cooperate with others.

Here are precious glimpses of our fun time at Kindermusik.

Our little Dracula

One semester will cost you 10K though but, boy, that was one opportunity we never regret giving our son. Freedom enjoyed it so much that until now he can still recognize Kindermusik songs every time I play it to him. He even dances to all the rhythms. I also read to him Kindermusik's books up to now.

The last time I checked, Kindermusik's enrollment fee increased but they are now offering more flexible terms. You can check for more enrollment information and schedule of classes. We plan to enroll him again in classes for toddlers this time.

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