Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Gift of His Sacrifice

It's Father's Day next Sunday! And in the spirit of this occasion, I'd like to share with you an essay I wrote last year for my own father. This was an entry to Father's Day photo-essay writing contest within our company which won FIRST PRIZE! Please note that our company has 10,000 plus employees. This is a personal piece and I'm really proud of it. I got a Makati Shang-ri La Circles Event Cafe gift certificate of Lunch/Dinner for two for this contest. I was so delighted.

Pa, I hope you'll always remember how much we love you.

Here's the entry. Read on.

When talking about fathers, I always have this sudden feeling of peace and gratitude thinking about my own father. He has been my wonderwall in my 29 years of existence. He has since served as a calming force in my everyday life. I don't even know where to start describing how much respect and appreciation I have for my dad. He is the pillar of my wisdom and the source of my inspiration.

I am proud to share that my father turned out to be a wonderful dad despite having a very difficult man to have for a father himself. My grandfather was not, I should say, the best of fathers you'll ever meet. But I'm glad my father chose to be unlike him. Maybe it was because he stood as a father himself for his siblings; working hard -- selling ice popsicles on torn sandals -- in order to put some food on their table at a young age. He would tell me that on some days, my grandfather would even take his day's hard earnings to gamble. With all these unfortunate experiences, my father is surprisingly a very goofy, funny father.

I remember the times when he used to tell us stories of him working while in college to support his own education. He said it was not unusual for him to have bought a cup of rice for lunch, coupled with just a bowl of free soup given to him by the canteen lady so fond of him and his determination -- “Or maybe, it was out of pity”, he said. I guess this was the reason behind why we always have more than one viand on the table each meal. He went on to share that he even cleaned up toilets just to make ends meet.

Though for so long he chaired a huge department in a private company, he called me up one day to say he soon will retire. I gladly told him, "I'm sure you'll enjoy this well-deserved time off, Pa". Finally, he can enjoy the fruit of his own labor, spending this long-overdue downtime on his small farm. At 55, he may be a little bit young to retire but I told him that I support him all the way. He has worked as hard as he did since childhood anyway.

This might seem to be a typical tale to most but the story of my father's struggle and success has taught me to strive to be the best; if not, a perfect mother to my son. Through his hardworking years, he has given me a happy mom and a beautiful home. He and my beautiful mom sent us four to college. He chose to give us a better life. If not for my father's sacrifices, what would have become of my life now?

P.S. I have yet to write something for the Mister. :)

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